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Australia and New Zealand
Peter McQueen


Camila Mendes Vianna Cardoso

Peter Swanson

Ricardo Rozas

Professor Chu Beiping

Song Dihuang

Alex Laudrup

Professor Delebecque

Christoph Hasche

Roger Moisey

Hong Kong
Ernest Yang

Amitava Majumdar (Raja)

M. Husseyn Umar

Mitsuhiro Toda

Byung-Suk Chung

Dutuk Sundra Rajoo

Emmanuel Dike

Karl Even Rygh

Alexander Mednikov

Lawrence Teh

Anna Mestre

Jorgen Almelov

Melis Ozdel

Ed Newitt

Daniella Horton

John Kimball

Don Murnane



Your paper is required to be submitted no later than 15 July 2017 by email to in the following format:

1. Paper should be submitted in Word Document. Other format is not accepted.
2. Paper should be in A4 Size (vertical) page.
3. Paper should include 6 elements in below order:

a. Paper title (Calibri font style, size 12, bold font)
b. Author Name (Calibri font style, size 12, bold font)
c. Company/Organization, Country of Origin (Calibri font style, size 12, bold font)
d. Content of the paper (Calibri font style, size 12, regular): maximum of 5000 words including footnotes, which are to appear at the end of the paper
e. Footnotes, if any (Calibri font style, size 9, italics).
f. Short biography (Calibri font style, size 12, regular): maximum of 100 words

4. A template with the above format, ready to be used, can be downloaded online here: >>Download Here<<

Please ensure that your paper is in conformity with the above format and that it is submitted within the requested time, failing which it will not be accepted for publication and you will be unable to present at the Conference.

Papers submitted for publication in Powerpoint format will not be accepted.

All presenters will be required to register as delegates at the Conference, noting that the early bird registration fee expires on 31 July 2017.

Proposals to present papers at ICMA XX are now invited. A list of suggested categories of topics can be found on the right. In addition, papers on any subject matter relevant to the practice of maritime law and maritime arbitration of both a procedural and substantive nature are invited.

Papers will be presented in both plenary and parallel sessions, each of which will include a panel of speakers.

Papers to be presented in parallel sessions will be those dealing with more specialized subject matter than those presented in the plenary sessions.

Each speaker will be given 15 minutes to present the most interesting aspect of his/her paper likely to generate lively discussion amongst the speaker, panel members and fellow delegates.

Those wishing to present papers are requested to submit a summary of no more than 250 words by 15 January 2017 online to  Notification of acceptance of papers will be sent by email by 31 March 2017 with information as to their required format and layout.

Papers selected for presentation will be required to be submitted by 15 July 2017. A template will be provided.

Email enquiries should be directed to the Committee Chair, Peter McQueen, or to any Committee Member.


Accommodation during ICMA 2017
If you didn't register your attendance already, we recommend to book accommodation when you register due to high demand for accommodation in Copenhagen in September. Special hotel rates for ICMA 2017 are valid until 19 June. After this date special rates and availability is no longer guaranteed. Please book through the registration site or contact our congress agency by e-mail if you need extra nights or other room types than offered.

Suggested categories of topics

  1. Contemporary shipping problems including insolvencies, arrest, attachment and priorities of claims including those of third party suppliers eg bunker suppliers

  2. Charterparty and bills of lading/sea waybills issues

  3. Sale and purchase/commodity contractual and documentary credit issues

  4. Arbitration procedural issues covering all aspects of the arbitral process from commencement of arbitration through to enforcement of awards

  5. Contractual issues including measure of damages

  6. Ship sales, shipbuilding and offshore issues

  7. Insurance issues

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